• Choosing a home is a major choice. To get the best out of your foreign study trip, you’ll want to enjoy where you live. You just need to feel comfortable, with someone who will help you if you need it.
  • Via our trusted accommodation partners in every big study abroad country, Excel Study Abroad has a number of qualified options to choose from. In addition, we have access to certain exclusive ESA pricing and offers. Ask your ESA advisor for assistance in deciding which choice is better for you. When you’ve made a decision, they will even support you with the application process.


  • STUDENT APARTMENTS: If you want comfort, affordability, and the opportunity to host students from all over the world, student apartments are an excellent option. Anything you’ll need is in one place, and you’ll be able to move in right away.
  • HOMESTAYS: If you want to stay with a local family and learn about a new culture and lifestyle, a Homestay is appropriate. Usually foreigners are laid-back, polite individuals who would warmly welcome you into their homes. You’ll get your own cozy space and enjoy meals with your new family at their house. Your host will also be able to discuss some fun places to visit and how to get there.