• With an abundance of academic options available worldwide between destinations, institutions, colleges and classes, it can be difficult to make the right decision.
  • With over 725 esteemed universities and colleges worldwide, Excel Educational Consultancy has robust official tie-ups. We represent universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, France, Dubai, Switzerland, Malaysia and several others.
  • Since we know what the universities need for a successful and full submission, our interaction with universities enhances the likelihood of our students getting admitted. Institutions are therefore delighted to partner with Excel Educational Consultancy when they obtain applications that are finished and appropriate. As a result, organizations put a higher emphasis on their response to us.

We offer step-by-step guidelines for the entire study abroad university application process, which involves the main stages mentioned below, meaning that you have the highest chance of being admitted into the institution of your choosing.


  • At Excel Educational Consultancy, we make an attempt to grasp the student’s specifications. Each student is assigned to a highly trained personal advisor who is well-versed in university courses. In order to meet requirements, we also have customised packages. Our counsellors will assist you to achieve your goals in the light of one’s scholastic skills, history, vocation goals


  • If you plan to study abroad, it is very necessary to choose the right path. Our advisors will assist you in narrowing down the courses that best fit your life, social, and financial profiles/parameters, and this programme is not limited to the universities we serve. It is important to choose the best course/program to guarantee any student’s progress.
  • This is why we developed the APP (Academic Pathway Planning). We save you time and resources by mapping you to the correct university after closely evaluating your needs, thanks to our counselors’ depth of expertise and experience.
  • For both the student and the psychologist, making an educated decision is important. Institutions and courses are selected through a detailed review of the students’ skills and needs.
  • Following an assessment of your profile, our experts will shortlist a range of organizations that are a good match for you. Students chose their colleges after checking our shortlist and consulting their parents and peers. The most important choice you need to make in your lie is choosing the right path, country and organization, and our counselors make sure you chose correctly.