Medical Study in Kazakhstan

Medical Study in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, MBBS can be a big relief for students who want to opt for MBBS abroad, but due to high tuition fees, they are scared to do so. Kazakhstan provides decent and affordable rates for medical education that are appropriate for students from all countries in the world.Kazakhstan’s medical universities give students very good clinical experience only to ensure that they get good realistic exposure before they go out to experience their career. At universities, the faculty and staff are very experienced. Also, the number of associated hospitals is very high.In the recognised medical universities of Kazakhstan, there are different facilities given. Kazakhstan’s MCI-approved universities host students from all corners of the globe.All in all, Kazakhstan’s MBBS may be a great option for students who are willing to become tomorrow’s great doctors.

Why Study inKazakhstan?

For students eager to become successful doctors but at reasonable prices, they should do MBBS in Kazakhstan.   In Indian private medical colleges, it is not possible for each student to bear the large donation or tuition fee charges. So, MBBS might be a very wise decision to make in Kazakhstan. Students can use the facilities provided by medical universities in Kazakhstan at reasonable rates, too. With all modern facilities, the universities are well fitted and also have a good infrastructure and campus. Students from all parts of the world will have access to hostels and food services. Many foreign students are attracted annually by the education system in Kazakhstan and particularly by medical universities.Depending on their choice and availability of options, pass-outs from Kazakhstan’s medical universities can work globally. Visa guarantee is 100%. No donation required , direct admission through us.


  • MBBS enrolment is based on the 12th standard score in PCB subjects. Students with at least 50 percent marks in these subjects will be admitted to Armenia’s MBBS.
  • Age- At least 17
  • NEET is mandatory.
  • No IELTS Required.
  • No TOEFL Required.

Tuition Fee for medicine in Kazakhstan:

Average tuition fee for Medicine in Armenia is 15 L – 22  L for total package.