• A scholarship is a type of financial assistance provided to a student in order to help them pursue their education. Scholarships are given out depending on a number of reasons, most of which represent the donors or award’s principles and priorities. It is not necessary to refund scholarship grants. Scholarships support people with insufficient financial capital with the goal of getting a successful education.
  • Scholarship sums will vary from a few thousand rupees to full tuition, bed, and board, as well as travel. The below are some of the most well-known forms of study abroad scholarships:
  • MERIT-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS: Merit-related scholarships are awarded to students based on academic performance, athletic achievement, creative ability, involvement in extracurricular sports, and other criteria.
  • STUDENT-SPECIFIC SCHOLARSHIPS: Students with a particular gender, race, sexuality, nationality, or medical background are eligible for Student Specific Scholarships. Minority requirements can vary depending on the scholarship form.
  • NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS: focused on need Scholarships are scholarships granted to students to support them with paying their college expenses. The prospective student’s and his or her family’s assets and income are the sole determinants of qualifications. Test scores and physical ability have no impact on the assistance that is designated as need-based.
  • PROGRAM/COURSE-SPECIFIC SCHOLARSHIPS: Individual programmes or the colleges and universities in which they are affiliated can offer program-specific scholarships. These scholarships are awarded depending on a student’s academic and personal achievements.