Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland

Ireland is a small island nation, located on the western-most tip of Europe. To succeed in today’s world, it takes independent thinkers and doers-and it takes a pioneering, creative and agile country to produce themIreland is that country.

We understand your desire to get the best possible education, one that will put you on the path to a great career. And if you’re looking for a general postgraduate degree or a more specialist qualification, we have a solution for you that will not only offer excellent educational results, but will also differentiate you from other applicants in the job market or academia. In a country that constantly re-invents itself, is internationally related, socially and economically inclusive, profoundly accepting and steeped in rich heritage and culture, it can do so by learning and studying in that country. But our national culture of being pioneering, imaginative and agile is equally relevant and will help you develop the core life skills of resilience, self-reliance and self-confidence.

Why study in Ireland?

  • Quality education
  • Research opportunities
  • Career Opportunities
  • Growing economy
  • One of the best education systems is Irish education system
  • Close to Europe
  • Course Language is English
  • Ireland is home to leading global MNC’s like Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn

Eligibility to study in Ireland:

A minimum academic score of 60 percent and above in Standard XII is required for each course. For students who have secured about 50%, Foundations and Diploma programmes are available. Before joining a degree programme, the student should have reached 18 years of age.
An undergraduate degree required if going for masters courses IELTS required for few top colleges

Average Tuition Fee for Non-EU/EEA students:

  • Undergraduate courses: 9,850 – 55,000 EUR/year
  • Postgraduate Master’s and PhD courses: 9,950 – 35,000 EUR/year