Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is unquestionably the best country to study in, ranking second on the 2019 Global Peace Index. It has the right combination of opportunities, culture, economy and environment for an Indian student to flourish with globally ranked universities and a sensitive education system. Not to be missed, its unspoiled scenery will make every penny worth your experience.

Why study in New Zealand?

The ideal mix of high-quality schooling, life and job opportunities for overseas students is studying in New Zealand. Coupled with the reduced costs and international recognition, “Best of All Worlds” credentials are effectively offered by New Zealand. Qualifications in New Zealand have a reputation for being realistic as well as modern. The educational method of New Zealand is based on the prestigious British system. A broad variety of study opportunities are available, including state-run primary schools , high schools, universities, polytechnics, technical colleges, and private training establishments. New Zealand’s polytechnics are known for the Ready to Join the Work Markets programmes. In addition, 7 of New Zealand ‘s eight universities have regularly appeared in the top 500 universities worldwide. After studying in New Zealand, students are issued a visa to look for a job after completing their course and have a fair chance to migrate as well.

Eligibility to study in New Zealand:

For international students, Bachelors or Masters in New Zealand require them to be fluent in the English language if they are to excel at a New Zealand university. In order to help foreign students achieve the required level of English language competence, there are several courses available at public and private institutions in New Zealand and elsewhere. We will propose a waiver of IELTS / TOEFL / PTE wherever possible, as New Zealand education consultants. It is ideal to have a band of 6.0/6.5 for undergraduate & 6.5/7.5 for postgraduate courses.

Average Tuition Fee for International students:

S.No. Study Program Cost (in NZ$)*
1 Undergraduate degree $20,500 – $25,000 annually
2 Master’s degree $19,000 – $29,000 annually
3 Doctoral degree $6,500 – $9,000 annually
4 MBA $31,000 – $50, 000 annually

Living Expenses $15000 – $18000 per annum approx.